may I know what exactly happened to your clitoris during the procedure?

Sure thing! It’s been acting as an anchor that the entirety of Spot was built around, buried deep inside.

This was the option I chose to take; there’s also another method where the clitoris remains untouched, and the phallus is constructed directly above it, with it still poking out from underneath.

There’s pros and cons to each method, of course. Some people go with the second option because they don’t want to have erotic stimulation muffled from all that tissue wrapped over it. Luckily, my clitoris was an oversensitive little bastard when it was out in the open– I told the surgeons without pause, “BURY that sucker!” And I’m happy to say, though stroking Spot *is* a much more muted sensation, it’s much more enjoyable than the near-pain the original model would give me.

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