In an earlier post you said that you do not have any erotic sensation near your urethral opening. Do you think it would be possible for me to continue urethral sounding (Sticking a metal rod inside a urethra) after I have phalloplasty?

The thought *has* occurred that I could probably try sounding myself, Anon, but there’s one thing that’s kept me from trying, and that is the fact that Spot can’t feel any *pain* from the tip, either.

I’m no medical professional, and pain sensation regrowth will differ from person to person, so take my advice with those grains of salt, but I’d personally advise against trying so– just because I wince at the *thought* of injuring that kind of complicated surgical outcome because nothing hurt until damage was already done.

I’d love to be proven wrong about this, though. Perhaps there’s another follower of this blog who’d be able to offer some experience of their own? Feel free to speak up, if you have any advice!

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