Wait, it’s National Coming Out Day? AWESOME!

I know a lot of folks are confused about what the heck I’m doing by now, if the reactions to me wearing dresses again were any indication, so this is a perfect time to clear some things up.

Hi! I’m Jonathan. Also known as Hyde, to my family. *Also* also known as Gerbil, to my friends and the Internet.

I am a trans nonbinary person. I was raised as a girl, decided that wasn’t working out so great for me, tried being a guy for about a decade (including having phalloplasty, where I specifically asked to keep my original plumbing as well– which, as the surgeons found out with me, is now a thing they can do!!) and then gave up on guyhood as well, because “nonbinary” ended up fitting me WAY better as a gender.

This is a recent change: ANY pronouns are fine for you to use. “They” is my personal favorite, followed by “he,” but I won’t turn up my nose at “she” anymore, either. I know not many folks can say this, but, speaking only for myself: pronouns have no power over me anymore. (Which is pretty awesome, I won’t lie.)

I want to thank you all for bearing with me on my journey, and treating me with such overwhelming kindness, respect, and love. Because I have to admit, it’s been confusing at times, even for me, haha. X3

Figured this would be helpful here, too. Thanks, everybody! 😀

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