so, question: i know you have a couple of tattoos and also that you’ve had phallo. as someone who’s planning to have Both of those things happen to my body eventually, i was wondering if you had any advice for places that tattoos maybe should not go? like obviously my left forearm isn’t getting any ink, but do you know of any other spots that might be adversely affected? sorry if this isn’t totally something you know, i was just curious if you did c:


Aha, yes! There actually is another spot that you’d want to hold off from tattooing, and that’s the upper leg.

The surgeons need to take a section of skin a bit smaller than a sheet of looseleaf paper from one of your upper legs (I got to choose which side I wanted it from), to cover the forearm after they use the *forearm* skin to build the new phallus. This second scar isn’t as distinct as on the forearm– more like a permanent sunburned area, especially now, years after– but it would definitely be wise to steer clear of tattooing there.

Also, they’ll need to put a suprapubic catheter in at some point during the surgery. [EDIT WAIT disregard this part, I misspoke! This was only because of the strictures that happened after. If you have a urethroplasty with your phalloplasty, the suprapubic catheter won’t be an issue. Pardon my brain fart.] I put up some photos over on @chinchilla-meat (NSFW warning, of course) of what that area looks like on me now– the catheter scar right above my dong is so large only because they needed to insert the catheter several times during the stricture complications I had afterwards. Generally, that won’t be so huge, but there will still be at least a dot of scar tissue that will twist any ink a bit, if you have a crotch tattoo. Again, this is only if you have stricture complications. My bad, y’all.

Oh, and one more thing about phalloplasty and tattoos, very important: there’s a small raised bump a bit smaller than a US dime surgery leaves a forearm with afterwards, if you use your forearm as your donor site. That’s a nerve cluster. DO NOT try getting that bump tattooed, or even around it, unless you want to feel pain from those nerves *permanently.* Several nurses warned me about this, and my sympathies are with anyone who didn’t know before getting it inked after their phallo.

Funny you should ask about phalloplasty and tattoos now, though! I’m planning to have the words “Tis but a flesh wound” tattooed around the wrist edge of my arm scar sometime this year, because I can’t NOT take an opportunity like that, haha. X3

Reblogging here, now with the edited version, ‘cause I had a brain fart about catheters when I initially replied. Oops.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s SuperGenderQueer!

A little after two years since I started this blog, I visited a nudist colony one weekend. Caused a bit of confusion among the folks there, as could perhaps be expected, but a friend snapped a photo while I was wearing a rainbow flag as a cape (as you do), and I thought, there it is. No catheter bag, body the way I finally want it– this is my victory pose.

Under the cut, and minimally censored just for safety’s sake, but here I am, past my own personal finish line. It’s so awesome here, y’all. Thank you for helping me along the way to getting here, and I hope you can join me soon, whatever your paths may be.

(and apology to any mobile users who don’t get a choice in seeing my pasty self splayed across their screen, haha)

My superpower is making everybody who sees me a little more queer. And I love it.

By request: Spot being stretchy/floppy! I swear I didn’t forget– this was just a busy month.

Note: in the last one, you’ll notice the pubic hair has a very distinct cutoff line. I’d just shaved what was there the night before, so the difference is a lot starker than the gradual curliness it usually has when I let it grow.

EDIT: why are they not animated. I made the gifs animated.

somebody who’s not a technological dinosaur, please tell me what I’m doing wrong